Hey, Ouwe Meneer

On January 31 2021, I took part in a Holocaust Memorial service in the Bullekerk in Zaandam.  Organizer Merel Kan asked me to bring my youth orchestra Sinfonietta to play ‘Hey, Ouwe Meneer,’ originally sung by Liesbeth List.  As the music( by Rik van der Linden, text by Cees Nooteboom) was only to be found in the airwaves, I asked my colleague Joke van der Bunt for  help. She created parts for the voice and piano and I played along on the viola, as Covid restrictions made it impossible to bring the orchestra. Next time! We enjoyed the musical challenge, and were delighted with the 12-year-old singer Femke van Zoelen, coached by Ammes Brandenburg (Zaanse Theaterschool.)

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